Our Top 2022 Home Projects :

Our Top 2022 Home Projects

All of our top 2022 home projects recapped

It’s almost time y’all…

Time to start scratching out the 2 and writing in the 3 every time we forget we are in the new year.

I feel like 2022 was the year that things kind of settled into place for us over here at Southern Yankee DIY.

So many big mile stones like celebrating 1 full year of marriage and also 1 full year of living in our farmhouse fixer upper!

We officially finished our built-in closet renovation and got to stop living out of garbage bags so that was a big win right there.

Lots of really great renovations, projects, and builds happened this year along with a couple of failures and oops moments…

If you have been following along for a bit you know we had a big project to do list at the beginning of 2022 and honestly we got a lot of it finished!

So lets take a peek at everything we were able to accomplish in 2022 and what is moving to the 2023 list…

Top 2022 Home Projects

When we first moved into our farmhouse we knew we wanted to turn this small little room at the front of the house into our closet.

On the other side of that wall is our bathroom, so we closed off the original door and made a new one connecting our closet to our bathroom!

walk-in closet renovation
Our Top 2022 Home Projects

This project was a huge undertaking and took us 9 months to complete…

There was a lot involved especially since we also relocated our laundry room into the old closet of this room.

walk-in closet renovation

This was also our very first time tiling which came with some learning curves of its own…

You can find everything NOT to do when tiling a floor here!

walk-in closet renovation

We also built drawers for the very first time which for some reason was more nerve wracking than the floors.

But we came up with this super simple method and it took a lot of the stress off.

walk-in closet renovation

In the end it was completely worth all the struggle and time.

I am so happy with our new walk-in closet, it’s truly better than I even thought it could be!

Check out the full renovation here

The second big renovation we took on was in the same space as the new closet, adding a laundry room!

laundry room remodel

This space used to be just a small closet but we took down half of the wall and framed everything out to make it feel a bit more open.

laundry room remodel

Adam was the real MVP of this project, he had to reroute plumbing and electric from all the way across the house.

Then I got to come in and add our faux marble backsplash and open shelving!

laundry room remodel

So far we are huge fans of having the washer and dryer right inside our closet!

I highly recommend this layout to everyone who is remodeling or building.

This year I would like to add a hanging drying rack and possibly a DIY laundry sorter situation but nothing major.

Check out the complete laundry room renovation here!

living room makeover

The third space we took on was our living room!

Nothing was inherently wrong with the space, it just wasn’t quite our style…

So we started by removing the open shelving and built arched built-in bookcases.

living room makeover

This project was actually way simpler than I thought it would be and made such a huge difference for the space.

Next, we bricked the fireplace and added a DIY wood mantel.

I also built these knockoff Pottery Barn shelves to display our wedding photos.

living room makeover
Sources: Faux Leather CouchLinen CouchCeiling FanCoffee Table (similar)

We did buy new furniture for this space too except for the coffee table (that followed us from the old house).

living room makeover
Sources: Cube Storage UnitWoven BasketsRope BasketsCube Storage Bins

For Eli’s toys I up-cycled this cube storage unit to look like pretty furniture but also double as some much needed storage!

This space feels so cozy now and it has definitely become our favorite spot to relax as a family in.

It’s still a little crazy to believe that Adam and I slept for months in this room on an air mattress while we renovated our bedroom!

Paint Colors: Bookcases- Black Magic Sherwin Williams | Walls- Alabaster Sherwin Williams

See the complete living room makeover here!

garage renovation

Can you even DIY if you don’t have a proper workshop…

Yes you totally can but honestly it makes it a little hard to keep everything in order (ask me how I know).

So we decided that we would halt all other major makeovers and renovations until we got our workshop in order.

garage renovation

I know a lot of people are very very very against this garage workshop because we don’t actually use it to park our car in, but honestly that’s never really been our jam.

For this space it was just a matter of pressure washing everything and painting.

We painted a black accent wall and painted the other walls and ceiling in Alabaster.

Next, we coated the garage floor with an epoxy kit and that made the space feel really legit!

garage renovation
Sources: Epoxy KitGold StoolsMetal Pegboard

We also added some cabinets we salvaged from Facebook Marketplace and pieced in some from Adam’s grandpa’s old shop.

The metal wall board helps keep our frequently used tools readily available and organized.

This space being more organized definitely helps during projects and once the project is over we do our best to clean it all back up…

I still want to add a design wall on the stairs, maybe a cork board type of situation to organize my future project thoughts.

For now though this space is perfect for us and honestly one we spend a lot of time in.

Check out the complete garage renovation here!

Besides our on going kitchen renovation I feel like this was the biggest project of the year.

The first time we pulled up to our farmhouse I fell in love with the front porch, it was in rough shape but I knew with a little TLC it would be our favorite spot to relax.

front porch makeover
Our Top 2022 Home Projects

I may have underestimated the amount of work it would need but honestly I have zero regrets starting this makeover when I did.

What was supposed to be just a “quick makeover” turned into us taking down the banisters/railings, painting the ceiling, painting the floor, building a brand new bed swing, and much more.

Adam still teases me that this was the longest quick makeover ever but he loves it just as much as I do!

front porch makeover

After the ceiling and floor were painted I moved onto building us a new bed swing, which was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be!

front porch makeover
Sources: Black Doormat –  Linen RugOutdoor Lanterns Flame Lightbulbs

Then I gave our front door a complete makeover with new hardware and paint.

Check out: The Top 9 Front Door Color Options

We also encased the beams to give them a little more oomph and enclosed the stairs which you can read all about here!

The shutters are original, I just sanded them down and stained them with Natural stain by Minwax.

front porch makeover
Sources: Solar Pendant – Ceramic Succulent Bowl – Acrylic Glasses – Round Placemats – Table Tiki Light – Melamine Plates 

I also built Adam this DIY bar cart for Father’s day and updated this table we built a few years back.

We added this gorgeous solar powered pendant that is hands down my favorite front porch purchase!

front porch makeover

I absolutely love pulling up the driveway and seeing our completed front porch.

It looks so inviting now and we love hosting dinner parties and just relaxing as a family out here.

The goal for this year will be to start working on the back porch too but for now I am content to just admire the front of the house.

Check out all the front porch makeover projects here!

This half bathroom has been antagonizing me since we moved in…

The lime green was blinding and the exhaust fan was deafening!

half bathroom remodel

I wish I was being dramatic but honestly I am just not.

We tackled this space for the fall One Room Challenge and I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner!

half bathroom remodel
Sources: WallpaperMosaic Tile – Toilet – SinkFaucet – Soap HolderChandelierSconcesPicture Frames  – Toilet Paper HolderPrints

I am so deeply in love with the vintage flair and character we added to this space.

If you followed along with this renovation you know we struggled with some major hurdles that included plumbing not being hooked up correctly and also flooring that was originally installed on just hopes and dreams (seriously there was no mortar holding these tiles down y’all).

half bathroom remodel

In the end I am so glad we took on this space when we did and even more relieved to have it complete!

Check out the complete half bathroom renovation here!

Okay so you are probably thinking, I known this renovation isn’t actually complete so why is it on this list and let me tell you: it’s here because we are so dang close to being finished and it deserves to be!

This kitchen renovation has been the longest going project of our lives and honestly I have just come to terms with it.

kitchen renovation

This was such a major undertaking and we wanted to do the majority of the work ourselves and also not be in debt at the end so in order to do all of that it has taken time (and years off my life I’m sure).

I am happy to report though that we honestly don’t have much more to go before it is complete!

Here is everything we accomplished this year in the kitchen:

kitchen renovation

1. Extended the cabinets to the ceiling (the internet was extremely upset I however love them)

kitchen renovation

2. Added a shiplap backsplash

kitchen renovation

3. Built-in an IKEA cabinet

kitchen renovation

4. Created a breakfast nook area

kitchen renovation

5. Replaced the flooring

6. Painted the door

kitchen renovation

7. Framed and painted the widow

8. Added wireless sconces

kitchen renovation

9. Built an appliance cabinet

10. Enclosed the refrigerator

kitchen renovation

11. Gave the island a makeover

kitchen renovation

12. Added a Facebook Marketplace china cabinet upper

kitchen renovation

13. Installed gorgeous mix and matched hardware

I mean that’s a lot of things for one year right?!

So here is what’s left: Install backsplash in the stove area, run gas and power to the stove, DIY vent hood

Honestly that is not a bad list considering where we started.

This is the year though y’all that we will complete this dang kitchen, I promise!

Our Top 2022 Home Projects

Whew we have had a very busy year y’all!

We have been so blessed this past year to be able to accomplish all that we did and seeing our progress gives me renewed energy for more projects to come.

I can honestly say that working on creating a space that feels like home and sharing it with y’all is my passion and I am so honored you hangout with us while we do it!

This year I hope that we can continue to learn, grow, and create.

I will be getting together our new project plan list for 2023 and I cannot wait to share it with y’all!

I hope you all have a blessed new year and accomplish everything you hope to.

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